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Position: IT Project Manager

Job type: Information Services

Company: APi Group, Inc.

Location: New Brighton, MN


Introductory note about this Project Manager opening within our information technology department: based on several expansion initiatives to better serve our internal customers from coast-to-coast, we are seeking an individual with poise, integrity, and influence equity to join us in current assessment and pre-implementation phases in assisting our current IT team and non-IT business unit leaders in delivering multiple information technology project plans through to execution. With a slate of enterprise, financial, and web-based projects in the pipeline over the next five years, we anticipate this individual will gain the strategic and tactical process ownership and relational interconnectedness with senior business leaders to grow in esteem and capability to Senior Project Manager status. Since change management, process leadership, and creative consultation will be core demonstrated skills leading to entry, it should be noted that this is not a role where the PM will be managing application developers, technical support, or traditional network optimization projects.  A technical project manager with cross functional project skills, business process transformation, and high influence equity will be the pedigree for demonstrated previous successes in business facing (as opposed to pure “information technology facing”) role(s.) 

This is not a construction project manager role or a senior program manager role.  Sample slate of projects this year includes Windows 7 upgrades to Windows 10 for all our 40+ partner companies.  Multi Factor Authentication project.  Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations.  (This is not an exhaustive list.)

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